Juggernaut Audio gear list:

*We partner with with Production Services International, so renting anything not on this list (especially backline) is easy and affordable!


Midas Pro 1





Chandler Germanium (x2)

Midas DL 151 and 153





Shure Beta 91

Audix D6

sE V-Kick

Lewitt DTP 640

Vintage Shure Beta 57

Revox M3500

Vintage Sennheiser 441

Telefunken m80 SH

Shure Beta 98 (x4)

Sennheiser 604 (x3)

AKG 451B (x2)

Warm Audio WA-251 (x2)

Warm Audio WA-47

Sennheiser 906

Sennheiser 609

Heil PR30

Heil PR40

sE VR1 (x2)

Vintage EV RE15 (x2)

Sterling ST170


Little Labs Redeye Reamp/DI

Radial Pro

Two Notes Torpedo 8 ohm



Quested VS2205 mains

Quested VS112 sub


Pearl Sessions 13”, 16”, 24” shells

Yamaha Brass 6.5x14 snare

Gibson Les Paul Baritone

Taylor 110e Acoustic

Instrument Amplification:

Peavy 6505+

Mesa 4x12 oversized cab with Celestion V30's


Drum Bot

Peterson Strobostomp

FX Pedals:

Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Keely Mod

1's and 0's:

PC with AMD Ryzen 12-core processor

Pro Tools 2018


Klark Teknik DN9630 converter

Plugins: Softube, Slate, Waves, FabFilter, Synchro Arts, SSL, Oeksound, Valhalla, HOFA, GoodHertz, Eventide, Sonnox, Izotope, Native Instruments, Plugin Alliance, Acustica